Saturday, February 20, 2010

Private Guided Tours of Ireland 2010 . Why ?? 10 Reasons Why !!

I often get asked the Question " Why a Private Guided Tour of Ireland ? " There are of course other options such as self drive, coach tours, Paddywagons, Bicycles, Horse and Trap, cruises and lots lots more.

However in my humble option the private guided tour gives the best of all the above for the following ten reasons.

1. You have complete independence to decide where to go and when to go there. We will guide you but of course the decisions are ultimately yours.

2. You get to travel in style. You get more comfort than a self drive and certainly more comfort than been crammed on a bus.

3. You have a living guidebook on your tour that will bring the landscape, the people and the culture to life for you. They will also help you to meet locals in their natural habitats ( ie the pubs, cafes, restaurants, shops and street corners)

4. You get years of expertise and guidance which is only learned through many travels through the emerald green landscapes.

5. You will only ever get lost if you really want to .. unless we go tracking down your lost lost relatives in a town that has ceased to exist .. that has happened !!
6. Relaxation, relaxation, relaxation .. is that what being on holiday is all about !!
7. Contributing to the local economy. We are a local company based in Ireland and all our driver guides are Irish .. we are guaranteed 100% Irish !!

8. We make the trip seamless for you that all you have to do is turn up at the airport, port, hotel etc and we take care of everything else.

9. You will certainly see and hear things you would never see or hear on a self drive or bus tour .. that is a guarantee.

10. Makes your friends envious .. tell them your "Taking a private Guided Tour of Ireland" .. they will wonder how you got so smart all of a sudden...

Shane Leahy

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