Sunday, November 22, 2009

Donkey Suckling an Orange

This is probably one of my favourite photograph from the summer that I took. I was on the Blasket Islands off the coast of Kerry in September hiking with a small group and we came across a field of Donkeys. There was about six in all and the one in the photograph took a particular interest in us. I usually carry an apple for the random beasts i encounter when walking .. unfortunately when i searched my bag all i could find was a solitary orange. I didnt really think the donkey would go for it being all hard on the outside and difficult to peel but i was wrong. He got his big chops into it and bit hard until the juice was flowing freely on his big teeth and all over the grass canvas below. In moments he had consumed the fruit, skin, peels, juice and pips ... The funny part was the obvious enjoyment he was getting from having something sooo sweet to suck on .. a big change from his regular diet of poor quality island grass ... his fellow donkeys surely missed out .. so the next time you see a donkey in a field .. sure you know what to give them to produce a sweet smiling photo opportunity !!!! Shane Leahy
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