Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ireland Chauffeur Travel - Driver Guides

I wll be writing a Biography of all of our driver guides in Ireland soon. This is what to expect from a great driver and tour guide in Ireland whn you use Ireland Chauffeur Travel.
Ireland Chauffeur Travel Driver Guides
1. A knowledgeable, well groomed, mannerly and friendly driver who knows his way around Ireland taking you to the highlights as well as hidden unexplored gems known only to the experts.
2. Expertise and information on the best and most interesting place to stay, eat, drink and shop throughout your stay in Ireland.
3. An interesting and informed commentary on Ireland from multiple facts including historic, social, economic and religious / spiritual perspective.
4. Research and provide information you seek on genealogy, places of interest, unique interests and hobbies.
5. A consultant for your entire tour as well as a booking liaison for your restaurants, activities, excursions and special events such as festivals and race meetings.

We look forward to your visit to Ireland and showing you a wonderful time around the Emerald Isle.

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