Thursday, December 10, 2009

Testimonials from 2009

We recieved over 100 testimonials from our tours in 2009. Many of these are posted on our website on We recieved many more by letter, card, postcard, gift and personal invitation. We visited a number of our past clients on our trip to Florida this year and many are amazed that we still remember them five years later. Personally i remember each tour as each tour is always unique, different and interesting. Each group brings its own dynamics which makes it more interesting and memorable and of course each route is different as each is personalized per group requirements. The group in this photo are the Michalisins, Flahertys and Gagliardis from New Jersey. I am sure if I ever make it to New Jersey we will have a coffee on the famous New Jersey shore and remember fondly the summer in Ireland ( thats an oxymoron by the way , we dont get summer in Ireland , at least not one like they get in New Jersey). Shane
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