Thursday, July 30, 2009

Testimonials from Happy Travellers

Dear Readers,

We get many fine feedback letters from clients. This one is particularly good. Please enjoy the Limericks.

We had a ball! Thanks to you and Kevin! Our trip to Ireland was a most special time for all of us! We have so many special memories of the beautiful scenery, the breath-taking views at the cliffs of Mohr, the rocky shores of the Burren, the green landscape of the Conemarra, tea at Ashford Castle, Farney Castle and sweater buying, the marvelous horses at the National Stud, the Rock of Cashel, stomping thru the sheep pasture to see the stone ring, sky road, and sooo sooo much more! We won't soon forget!

We loved our personalized itinerary, all the tiny roads and Kevin the most excellent rain dodger! We learned so much about the history, peoples and customs of Ireland! Kevin was the perfect guide!

In fact, we wrote a limerick for Kevin:
There was a fine man from Cashel
Who knew how to drive so well
He took them to pubs
He showed them the studs
Five women fell under his spell!!

Thank you all so much!!!

The girls.....Rosie, Annie, Ellie, Heather and Chrissie

Rosie is so elloquent; she has said it all so well, but of course I will add a wee bit:
Dear Kevin,
From the leprachan on a country lane to the ocean breeze on the cliffs of Mohr the enchantment and beauty of Ireland are forever etched into my being. For this I thank you,
Fayetteville, Arkansas

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